The Flash Recap With Spoilers: The Wrath of Savitar

Tonight's episode begins with Barry, Wally, and Jesse in the middle of a race. Back at STAR Labs, [...]

Tonight's episode begins with Barry, Wally, and Jesse in the middle of a race. Back at STAR Labs, it's revealed that the trio is in a training session trying to get Wally's speed fast enough to stop Savitar from killing Iris.

The group assembles in the basement of STAR Labs, and Barry and Iris decide to break the news that they've become engaged. The majority of the group is pleased with the news, Joe takes Barry aside and asks why Barry didn't ask for his permission. Before Barry has a chance to answer, Cisco tells them a fire is in progress and his help is needed elsewhere.

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On the way to the fire, Wally is sideswiped by Savitar and thrown into a car. Barry looks back and notices Wally by car, but doesn't know that Savitar was there until Wally reveals that's who attacked.

At Team Flash HQ, an upset Barry lashes out at Wally for keeping the Savitar visions a secret for over a week. Barry gets upset enough to the point where he removes Wally from the team until they figure out what's going on.

The group wants to use the same equipment on Julian that they previously used on Joe to connect with Grodd's mind and a hesitant Julian finally agrees after some persuasion from Caitlin and the two share a kiss.

The crew hooks Julian up to the machine and Savitar begins speaking through Julian and it's revealed that either Savitar or Iris can live — not both. A visibly shaken Barry walks to Julian and unhooks the machine.

The group captures satellite imagery of a possible Savitar sighting and when Barry rushes out to the location, he sees a cult-like group worshiping a statue of Savitar. Barry sees the box they previously trapped the Philosopher's Stone in, he realizes neither the stone or Savitar are trapped in the box.

Barry takes the box back to STAR Labs for Cisco to test and HR can be seen training Wally to make him ever faster. HR and Wally approach Cisco about vibing them to the future so that Wally can see the situation in which Savitar kills Iris. When Wally leaves the vibe, he speeds into where Barry and Iris are sitting and yells at Barry to tell him the truth about why he proposed to Iris.

Barry reveals that he proposed to Iris because in the future where the latter is murdered, she isn't wearing an engagement ring. An understandably upset Iris leaves the room and informs Barry that she has to think about their future.

When the rest of the group leaves the room, Caitlin reveals to Julian that she kept part of the Philosopher's Stone and Julian breaks the news to the rest of the group. When they realize that it's entirely plausible that Savitar can be back on Earth, as part of the Philosopher's Stone is located there, Barry persuades Julian to allow the team to summon Savitar through him once again.

Barry begins baiting Savitar enough to the point that the Cisco is able to get a location of Savitar — he's somewhere in Central City.

At the West household, Jesse and Wally have a heart to heart in which Wally reveals he feels different because he was put into a cocoon while Jesse simply got her powers. As Jesse goes to embrace Wally, Wally sees his mother sitting on the steps leading upstairs. Wally walks towards the steps and goes to hug her and it's revealed from Jesse's point of view that no one is there. Wally's mom morphs into Savitar and Wally speeds off just after telling Jesse that he needs to stop Savitar from escaping.

At Barry and Iris' apartment, the two begin to talk about their future. Iris reveals her thoughts that she doesn't want to just be someone that Barry's protecting her.

Back at STAR Labs, the group realizes that the future Barry has trapped Savitar in the Speed Force and make the connection that he's unable to escape without the full Philosopher's Stone. Jesse speeds in to tell the group that Wally sped off to fight Savitar and when they check on the stone remnant, they realize it's gone.

Wally is seen opening up an access point to the Speed Force and by the time Barry can get there, Wally is sucked in and the portal closes. It then reopens and Savitar climbs out.

When Barry confronts Savitar about the location of Wally, Savitar notes that Wally is lost in the Speed Force forever. A fight ensues on which the two are fairly evenly matched until Savitar stabs Barry in his chest. Barry phases his hand and cuts Savitar's sword appendage off.

Barry's rushed back to STAR Labs where the crew removes the piece of metal from Barry and patches him up. The episode ends with most of Team Flash at a loss of words with no indication of how to get Wally back.

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