Titans Teases Debut of Green Arrow Sidekick Roy Harper

Through just two episodes of its second season, Titans has already delivered the series debut of multiple different characters from DC Comics lore. Deathstroke, Rose Wilson, Doctor Light, Shimmer, and Bruce Wayne have all appeared on the DC Universe series this season, with the likes of Superboy and Aqualad to follow. Thanks to a quick comment in Friday's new episode, it looks like yet another classic Teen Titans character might be joining the group as well. We're talking about popular Green Arrow sidekick and Young Justice standout Roy Harper.

Don't worry, there are no spoilers about the new episode of Titans in this article. The mention of Roy's existence is very quick and doesn't have much to do with the actual story itself, just a simple nod to another popular character that has yet to appear on the show.

Wonder Girl and Starfire spend a good chunk of this episode on a stakeout, waiting for the criminal Shimmer to show up at a certain location. When Kory questions the information that Donna was given, she mentions that he came from her friend Roy Harper.

That's the entire Red Arrow reference and Roy is never brought up again, but that is still more than enough to give fans hope of the character showing up in the future. After all, he's known for spending time with the other Titans characters throughout the comics, and he was a major part of the Young Justice animated series, which also featured several Titans. It would make plenty of sense for Roy to show up on Titans alongside Donna, Kory, Dick, and the others.

If Roy Harper does appear on Titans it wouldn't be the first time the character has had a part in a live-action TV series. Roy has played a substantial role in Arrow over the years, with actor Colton Haynes taking on the role. Who knows, maybe Haynes could reprise his role on Titans in the future?


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New episodes of Titans are released every Friday on DC Universe.