Titans Season 2 Finale Features Two Major Deaths

It took two whole seasons on the DC Universe streaming service, but finally... the latest finale [...]

It took two whole seasons on the DC Universe streaming service, but finally... the latest finale for Titans finally fave us the hero we've been waiting to see all along. Dick Grayson has embraced his destiny as Nightwing, but the debut of this new superhero identity was one of the few positive points for this iconic episode, which featured the tragic deaths of two major characters that will have an impact on the future of the series. With Season 3 set to go into production soon, it remains to be seen just how the superhero team will be affected in the long run.

Warning: Spoilers for Titans episode "Nightwing" below.

In the second season finale, Nightwing faces off against Deathstroke in an epic showdown for the fate of Jericho, Slade Wilson's body hopping son who has been trapped in his father's body ever since Deathstroke stabbed him over five years ago. The battle seems to be swaying toward Deathstroke until Rose Wilson AKA Ravager joins Nightwing, delivering the killing blow to her father and then beckoning her brother to jump inside her body.

Jericho makes the leap and begins sharing Rose's body as their father lay dying; it's an awkward situation, but it's the for the best after Deathstroke's defeat.

Unfortunately, Slade Wilson was only one minor aspect of their problems as Mercy Graves and Cadmus, at the behest of Lex Luthor, have taken control of Beast Boy and Superboy and were using them in a public display in hopes of selling designer super soldiers to foreign nations for defense purposes.

Raven succeeds in pulling Beast Boy out of his dark hole, while the rest of the Titans manage to break Cadmus' hold over Superboy. But amidst the chaos at a carnival, one of the rides begins to collapse while Dove attempts to rescue bystanders. But just before she is crushed under the weight of the object, Donna Troy AKA Wonder Girl comes to her rescue — but is electrocuted to death in the process.

The Titans oversee her body being transferred to Themyscira, where Raven decides to accompany the Amazons in hopes of using her powers to revive her friend. Jason Todd watches from afar, but decides to stay away from the group and forge his own path. Don't be surprised when Red Hood shows up next season, ok?

The rest of the Titans return to the Tower where Bruce Wayne joins them for a meal. They are interrupted by a crime in progress, and all of the remaining Titans suit up — Nightwing, Dove, Starfire, Hawk, Beast Boy, Ravager, Superboy, and Krypto. The team is finally united, and we'll likely get some returning family members in Season 3.

The second season of Titans is now available to stream on DC Universe.