Titans Just Gave Us Our Biggest Nightwing Tease Yet

The new season of Titans continues to peel back the layers of the team's history, slowly revealing [...]

The new season of Titans continues to peel back the layers of the team's history, slowly revealing why sidekicks of DC Comics' most powerful heroes came together — and then broke apart. And while Dick Grayson has rejected his identity as Robin, allowing the younger Jason Todd to take the mantle by himself, he has yet to come to terms with his future as a superhero. But many of us suspect that his future as Nightwing isn't too far away, and now we got our biggest hint at his new identity in the newest episode called "Ghosts."

The new episode on DC Universe shows Dick Grayson training with Rose Wilson after a failed attempt to capture Doctor Light. Grayson is punishing himself and forcing himself to train after the screw up, and Rose crashes his pity party and spars with a sword.

Grayson decides to use a wooden staff, much like what he used as the Boy Wonder, but then Rose slices it in half, forcing him to improvise. It's here that Grayson shows off his skills with the batons, the iconic weapons used by Nightwing in his comic appearances.

titans season 2 nightwing
(Photo: DC Universe)

While Rose does give him a challenge, he ultimately prevails and proves his superior skill in hand-to-hand combat and earns some of her respect in the process.

Based on the set photos have have come from the end of Season 2, we do know that he will eventually adopt the Nightwing persona. Recent images have finally showed off his costume, though it seems like it will be a while before fans get to see it on the show.

"It's in the shadows, so stay tuned if you really want Nightwing information this season, I think you'll be satisfied by the end of the year," showrunner Greg Walker teased..

Some of this might stem from Grayson's relationship with Bruce Wayne, which is playing a major role in Titans Season 2.

"Well Bruce was a huge character on our show last year, you just didn't see him, I mean for the most part. For Dick, he was omnipresent and it felt like we really needed to dive into Dick's relationship with Bruce to really understand Dick better," Walker explained. "I was really excited as a writer to go into Bruce Wayne. There's been so much done about Batman but there's not a ton about about being Bruce Wayne... Bruce is really awesome at being Batman, he's kind of crappy at being Bruce. We wanted to work on Bruce Wayne trying to restore that relationship with Dick in a way get back to an updated version of father and son."

New episodes of Titans air every Friday on DC Universe.