Tom Cavanagh Gets A New Flash Villain Pitched To Him In Village Idiot

Many villains have made their nefarious plans known on CW’s The Flash, but there’s no baddie [...]

Many villains have made their nefarious plans known on CW's The Flash, but there's no baddie better known than Dr. Harrison Wells. The character debuted on the show's first season as Tom Cavanagh played the STAR Labs head. The actor has gone on to star as another iteration of the character in The Flash's second season, but it looks like Tom can't escape Harrison's reputation. Apparently, the actor's villainous role follows him even when Tom is playing himself.

If you have any plans to watch Above Average's Village Idiot, then you should expect to see Tom playing himself on the web series. However, the show's main character Dave Hill only knows the actor because of his stint on The Flash. The series' premiere will find Tom desperately trying to avoid Dave who wishes to network with the actor and pitch an all-new villain for CW's hit show. According to Dave, The Flash needs a hero who "says mean things to people."

I wonder what kind of moniker Cisco would gift a villain like that?

Blending fiction with reality, Village Idiot stands to poke fun at the world of on-screen superheroes and their arch enemies. So, if you're interested in seeing how Tom will react to an obsessive fan pitching characters faster than the speed force, you'll probably want to tune into the show.

If you're interested in checking out Village Idiot, you can read a short description of the project below. Created by Dave Hill and Tim Fornara, the weekly web show will feature guests such as Tom Cavanagh, Jordan Carlos, and Malcolm Gladwell.

"The series follows Dave (Dave Hill), a naïve, socially-inept comedian living in Greenwich Village who has a knack for having (awkward) run-ins with famous acquaintances. The series provides an omniscient perspective and gives viewers direct insight into the thoughts of all the characters as the humorous scenes unfold."