Watchmen Showrunner Believes Alan Moore Placed a Curse on Him

Watchmen has begun on HBO and critics are digging the latest adaptation of the seminal graphic [...]

Watchmen has begun on HBO and critics are digging the latest adaptation of the seminal graphic novel. Well, the creator is feeling the love there, but Damon Lindelof thinks he might need to fight off a curse from a strange source. That's right, he thinks that he may have to deal with some bad mojo from Alan Moore after the series' debut. As fans are all too aware, there is a lot of drama surrounding anything Watchmen. The series of conflicts over rights to the characters, creative intent, and the purpose of adaptations could go on for hours. Moore voiced his displeasure with Zack Snyder's movie when that premiered and has a little bit of resentment leftover for Lindelof and company for what they're doing over at HBO. The result is that the man running the new show believes that there is an honest to goodness curse following him now.

He told Variety all about his suspicions in a recent interview. Lindelof began, "It wakes me up at night, but much less so now that it's done. I'm about to say something very ridiculous, but in all sincerity, I was absolutely convinced that there was a magical curse placed upon me by Alan [Moore]."

"I'm actually feeling the psychological effects of a curse, and I'm okay with it. It's fair that he has placed a curse on me," He continued. "The basis for this, my twisted logic, was that I heard that he had placed a curse on Zack [Snyder]'s [Watchmen] movie. There is some fundamental degree of hubris and narcissism in saying he even took the time to curse me. But I became increasingly convinced that it had, in fact, happened. So I was like, 'Well, at least I'm completely and totally miserable the entire time.' I should be!"

Linedlof concluded, "When Zack was making Watchmen — and I only know this because I watched the DVDs — I was like, 'This guy is having the time of his life!' And I did not enjoy any of this. That's the price that I paid. Psychological professionals would probably suggest that I emotionally created the curse as a way of creating balance for the immorality."

Well, it seems all that positive press comes at a price. People are enjoying that take on this world so far, even though there will always be fans who object to anything being added to the source material in any way. This current version doesn't seem as strange or to have attracted as strong of reactions as when DC introduced Doomsday Clock. Even so, look for the debate to heat up anytime he speaks on the series going forward because the conversation never stops around Watchmen.