Wentworth Miller Exits Legends of Tomorrow Won't Be A Series Regular in Season 2


Spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, titled "Destiny."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow star Wentworth Miller will not return as a series regular for the show's second season, Deadline reports.

"One of joys and advantages is that it allows us to change in success who is on The Waverider and not," Berlanti said. "Flash and Arrow are very much about building one team, while there is an anthology element to Legends."

In tonight's episode, Miller's character -- Captain Cold -- sacrifices himself to save the rest of the team and destroy the Vanishing Point, killing many of the Time Masters.

"He is a guy who who was a villain at the beginning, finding the hero in him by the end," Berlanti said.


Of course, he's not going too far; while Miller won't be a regular on Legends next year, he will be a regular in the "Berlantiverse," according to the report. His contract will allow for him to be a recurring guest on at least Legends and The Flash, appearing in as many episodes between the two as if he were a regular on one.

How will that work, given his apparent death? Time -- no pun intended -- will tell, although fans of Booster Gold might remember what happened to Michelle Carter in the comics, and have a bit of an idea.