My Hero Academia Reveals UA Academy's Traitor

Class 1-A's traitor has finally been exposed after years of theories and it's quite the sad story.

My Hero Academia's seventh anime season has already set off some serious fireworks thanks to the fight featuring Star And Stripe and Shigaraki. With America's number one hero falling in the line of duty, anime fans might have believed they would get a reprieve this week. Alas, the hits kept coming as Class 1-A's training session was interrupted thanks to the identity of UA Academy's traitor being revealed. It's a safe bet that the final arc of the series won't be holding anything back in the remainder of season seven.

Warning. If you have yet to watch the latest episode of My Hero Academia's seventh season, episode three, be forewarned that we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory. Thanks to getting one more week to train as a result of Star And Stripe's sacrifice, Deku and his fellow students have been stepping things up to prepare for the final fight against All For One. While the young crime fighters were busy, Class 1-A's Invisible Girl, Toru Hagakure, was finding herself stumbling upon a shocking scene. Sneaking through the surrounding forest, Hagakure was able to discover the true identity of the long theorized traitor.

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My Hero Academia's Traitor Revealed

Class 1-A's Invisible Girl sees Aoyama, aka "Can't Stop Twinkling", having a tearful discussion with his parents. The navel-laser firing student is the traitor in UA Academy's ranks, but the story behind why he was working for All For One isn't so cut and dry. Rather than being a secret villain in disguise, Can't Stop Twinkling was working for the League of Villains to save his parents.

As Aoyama's folks explain, their son was born without a Quirk, much like Izuku MIdoriya. Rather than allowing their son to live his life Quirk-less, the pair decided to go to All For One to see if the villain could give their offspring super powers. Aoyama's Quirk was an unnatural one, which explains why he would see some drastic side effects from using his powers. While Aoyama fires off a laser at Deku once he is discovered, Can't Stop Twinkling is quickly captured by the young heroes as UA Academy gathers to come to a consensus on the traitor's fate.

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