The Flash: What if Season 4 is the Trial of the Flash?

Imagine this — the possible future we’ve seen during the past two episodes of The Flash [...]

Imagine this — the possible future we've seen during the past two episodes of The Flash where Savitar murders Iris West comes true. Barry Allen is left with both of his parents and the love of the life murdered, all because of speedsters. He went through hell going back in time to try and save his mother from her untimely death at the hand of Eobard Thawne. He saw his father murdered by Hunter Zolomon and now, he has seen a future in which his beloved Iris is killed by Savitar.

What if it comes true and they decide to kill off Iris on The Flash? With how Barry reacted by resetting the timeline trying to cope with previous deaths, one would think he would act the same should Iris die.

Let's take a deeper look into a classic Flash storyline for some potential clues in what we could see should Iris West die at the hands of Savitar.

'The Trial of the Flash' is a storyline penned by Cary Bates with art by Carmine Infantino. The storyline unofficially began in Flash #275 when Reverse Flash murdered Iris, who was Barry's wife at the time in the comics. Flash forward nearly fifty issues and the story officially kicks off in Flash #323. We see Barry seemingly over the death of his wife and he has a new fiance, Fiona Webb. Naturally, Reverse Flash wants Barry to live in a world of pain so he attempts to kill Fiona but is stopped short as Barry snaps his neck, killing him before he could attack.

In the issues that followed, we follow The Flash as he's charged with murder and nearly kicked out of the Justice League. 'The Trial of the Flash' storyline ends in Flash #350 with the Flash acquitted of all charges, thanks in part to the villain Abra Kadabra's brainwashing of the jury and Barry travels to the 30th century, where he finds the soul and the two are finally reunited.

After 'The Trial of the Flash' storyline, we don't see Barry Allen again until Crisis on Infinite Earths, the massively popular crossover event where Barry sacrifices himself to the Speed Force.

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