Where Ben Affleck's Deathstroke Video Takes Place In Justice League

While most of the Justice League fandom is still recovering from today's reveal of Deathstroke in [...]

Deathstroke JL

While most of the Justice League fandom is still recovering from today's reveal of Deathstroke in the DC Extended Universe, most are realizing that the video released by Ben Affleck raises more questions than answers.

One of those big questions is: Where is Deathstroke in this footage?

Having been on the set of Justice League and seeing loads of concept art, the answer is clear. Deathstroke is onboard the Flying Fox, the Justice League troopcarrier jet.

The Flying Fox, specifically called by that name by Justice League producers and production designers, is the size of a B-52 airplane but moves like a Thunderbird. It is a product of Wayne Tech and stored in the Gotham City Iron Works -- which all but serves as another Batcave for Bruce Wayne.

Concept art in Justice League's war room showed Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Batman and the Flash on board the aircraft and it is described to have enough room for the entire Justice League, the Batmobile, and plenty more.

The best comparison to the Flying Fox to jets previously used by the Justice League would have to be the Javelin, featured in the image of the top of the page. The biggest difference is the number of wings. The Flying Fox has four wings, converging in the shape of an "X" with their attachment to the ship.

Previously mentioned facts considered with the concept art of the Flying Fox indicate that Deathstroke is stepping off of the Justice League's troopcarrier. To further this, the wind is blowing in Deathsroke's face as the tail from his helmet is been blown around.

There is no confirmation on whether or not today's footage is from the Justice League movie or the standalone Batman film. It's easy to argue that it is from the currently in production Justice League but the fact that Deathstroke will be the main villain of the standalone Batman film doesn't fuel that argument.

Justice League is set for release November 17, 2017. The standalone Batman film, which Affleck is set to star in, write, direct, and executive produce does not yet have a release date.