Why 'Justice League' Is The DCEU's Best Superman Movie

Justice League has a lot going for it, but there's one thing it accomplishes above all others. and [...]

Justice League has a lot going for it, but there's one thing it accomplishes above all others. and that's finally delivering the Superman movie you've always wanted.

Spoilers incoming for Justice League, so if you haven't seen the movie yet you've been warned.

Early trailers and TV spots revealed a lighter tone and much-welcomed sense of humor, but by the nature of the story one of the film's biggest assets was left on the sideline throughout most of the promotion, and that's how DC finally got Superman right.

How do you ask? Well, a few reasons spring to mind, but it starts with that opening scene. Some will see it as unnecessary, but those less cynical might appreciate an effort to take this figure down from savior status to one of hero, someone people of all ages see as someone to aspire to as opposed to someone almighty being that looks down upon them from the skies.

That sets a tone early, but Justice League wants to give you something to compare it to. That brings us to Superman's big return. The League manages to resurrect him utilizing one of the Mother Boxes, and the sparks fly once the League confronts their former ally. This Superman is not all there just yet, confused about, you know, being back amongst the living, and it allows a perfect contrast.

Superman faces the entire League on his own, showing the immense power this one person holds without a conscience to keep him in check. With some hilarious moments worked in for good measure (that Flash moment springs to mind), the sequence shines brightest when Superman gets ahold of Batman. As Clark chokes Batman, that 'so you won't let me live, and now you won't let me die' hits like a bag full of bricks, and the "Do you bleed" line is the icing on the cake.

Not long after this fans see the heart of Superman when he is reunited with Lois and his mother Martha. This Superman conveys a newfound peace within himself, something the character has struggled with in previous films. Without a moment of hesitation, he embraces his role as protector once more, worrying less about how others see him and more concerned with just doing what he can to help.

This provides the perfect juxtaposition to the character's true return to form when he joins the League to battle Steppenwolf. The Superman that shows up here exudes a quiet confidence with none of the baggage seen in Man of Steel or Batman v Superman. Sure those doubts and feelings might still be within him, but when he has the suit on he is only concerned with doing the job, and subsequently brings an unshakable belief to the others that they can do the job as well.

Justice League's Superman feels like he stepped out of the comics, utilizing his immense power while always putting others ahead of himself. That is what Superman has always been about, and for the first time in the DCEU era, fans have finally been reunited with the icon they wanted all along.

You can judge this Superman for yourself, as Justice League is in theaters now.