Why Superman Legend Dan Jurgens Put Lois Lane Front and Center on his 'Action Comics' #1000 Cover

Dan Jurgens, the writer/artist who was responsible for restoring Superman's marriage after it had been removed from continuity, will prominently feature Lois Lane on his variant cover for Action Comics #1000, which comes out in April.

After receiving some thanks from fans of Lois on Twitter, he explained why he chose to put her front and center on the cover.

"I love that Dan Jurgens Action Comics #1000 variant put Lois Lane on the cover," tweeted superfan, comics writer, and YouTube personality Jason Inman. "Action Comics #1 was her debut too, and she's just as important as Superman."

Responded Jurgens, "That's exactly why I did so."

Jurgens, the current writer on Action Comics, began drawing Superman comics in 1987 and has been a writer, artist, or both on the character on and off ever since. Jurgens was part of the creative team that oversaw the Lois/Clark engagement and he drew the wedding itself when the time came.


Jurgens was one of the primary creative forces behind the Man of Steel in the '90s, with a lengthy run on Superman that ended in 1999. He was a monthly contributor -- as writer, artist, or both -- from 1989 until he left.

In addition to a story by Brian Michael Bendis, tales from Jurgens and current Superman scribe Peter J. Tomasi, the return of Superman's red trunks, and lots more, Action Comics #1000 will feature a story by DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns and Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner.