Willem Dafoe Says Robert Pattinson Has The Strong Chin Necessary To Play Batman

While nothings been confirmed, it would appear Robert Pattinson is at least in the running to play [...]

While nothings been confirmed, it would appear Robert Pattinson is at least in the running to play Batman in Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman film according to recent reports. Pattinson hasn't commented on anything Batman related, but his co-star in the Robert Egger directed The Lighthouse did have a thing or two to say about Pattinson and his possible new role, including the one thing you absolutely have to have if you're going to play the Dark Knight on the big screen, and that's a strong chin.

"He's got a strong chin," Dafoe told Variety's The Big Ticket podcast. "That's a part of it. Can you imagine anyone with a weak chin ever playing Batman? I don't think so."

If Pattinson were to get the role, he would join a legacy that includes Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and most recently Ben Affleck, though reports have also stated Nicholas Hoult is in the running as well.

Matt Reeves will be changing things up from those previous interpretations, going for a more noir style film that focuses on Batman's detective skills rather than his gadgets or brawn. That's been touched on here and there in past films, but it's never been the focus. Reeves hopes to truly have his movie Batman live up to that whole World's Greatest Detective title.

Dafoe also gave some insight into how Pattinson works on set, as the two actors have different styles that perfectly suited their characters in The Lighthouse. Dafoe prefers rehearsals whereas Pattinson didn't want too much preparation since his character was more mysterious and someone of few words.

"We're different, and the truth is, because our methods were different, they sort of mirrored the differences in the characters," Dafoe said. "If it was a problem, I'm sure Rob Eggers would have corrected it. But in fact, he liked the tension and difference."

Dafoe added he thinks Pattinson is a "great guy" and explained there was no "personal animosity, [but] we didn't have much contact as far as hanging out or anything like that. It wasn't a method thing. We worked hard, and it was miserable weather so when you're free, you head for cover."

Fans can see Dafoe and Pattinson in The Lighthouse now. As for The Batman, that film doesn't have an official release date.