Wonder Woman 1984 Blooper of Pedro Pascal Farting Goes Viral

Wonder Woman 1984 graced movie screens (as well as HBO Max subscriptions) last December, offering [...]

Wonder Woman 1984 graced movie screens (as well as HBO Max subscriptions) last December, offering audiences an all-star cast and a fair amount of spectacle. While the response to the film itself might have been slightly mixed, that didn't stop the project from bringing joy to a lot of people — even behind-the-scenes. Earlier this week, Warner Bros. released the gag reel for Wonder Woman 1984, and one part of it has since taken on a life of its own. A clip of Maxwell Lord actor Pedro Pascal has gone viral among a lot of fans, which shows him accidentally farting while in the middle of a take on the film.

The blooper definitely takes an amusing tone when juxtaposed with Pascal's actual work in Wonder Woman 1984, as Max Lord is much more of an antagonistic character within the events of the film. With decades of complicated backstory under Max's belt, both relating to Wonder Woman and to the larger DC universe, Pascal had a unique challenge when it came to embodying the character.

"Definitively with this character particular, we were really trying to honor an earlier version of Max Lord in the DC comics," Pascal told ComicBook.com in an interview last year. "And then surprisingly, I kinda had to shed away other specific references, to kinda of go after something that is unique to this particular movie, I guess, in an attempt to surprise you with, I guess, not necessarily what you would expect and so that was really delicious to just kinda go all in and to discover that every day with [director Patty Jenkins]. I mean, basically, if it works, I credit... I give her all of the credit and if it doesn't it's definitely her fault!"

"They could have been asked me to play a piece of furniture," Pascal added with a laugh. "Charles Roven, the producer, I was working with at the time and he's a powerhouse of a man and has taken such good care of me. And then Patty, I'm a fan from the very, very first movie, to what she's done on TV, the first Wonder Woman movie and so, for an actor to get to work with her it doesn't get better, really. I mean it."

In Wonder Woman 1984, Diana (Gal Gadot) is living in the '80s, when she's surprised by the return of her long-dead love, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). She will face off against Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and the Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) while helping Steve get acclimated to the new world in the same way that he did for her when she left Themyscira decades before.

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