'Wonder Woman 2' Reportedly Planning to Film in UK

After Warner Bros. won the summer box office with the immensely successful Wonder Woman, the [...]

After Warner Bros. won the summer box office with the immensely successful Wonder Woman, the studio is hard at work in preparing for the inevitable sequel.

When Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot reteam for the continued adventures of Diana Prince, they might be returning to a familiar locale from the first movie.

A new report indicates production on Wonder Woman 2 will take place at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, England, where many of the studio's blockbusters have filmed. Both Justice League and the first Wonder Woman movie filmed scenes.

At this point, it's still unclear just when and where the movie will be set, though rumors have indicated the plot will take place in the '80s in the midst of the Cold War, which could once again whisk Wonder Woman on an international adventure.

Filming is rumored to begin this summer, according to the report. Star Gadot, director Jenkins, and the studio have yet to confirm any of these beyond their involvement.

Even with the release date pushed up six weeks from its originally announced December 2019 opening, fans still have a long ways to go before they get reacquainted with the Amazon warrior.

Now that the character's origin story is out of the way, Gadot previously said to EW that she's excited for the potential of stories in the future film.

"Other than the wonderful work Lynda Carter did in the TV show, this character was never really told on the big screen," Gadot said. "We just see her origin story. But there's so much to explore with this character who has 75 years of legacy, there's so much material and so many ways and I'm psyched about it."

In the wake of numerous sexual assault scandals that continue to rock Hollywood and the ouster of producer Brett Ratner, the Producers Guild of America instituted new anti-harassment guidelines. Wonder Woman 2 will be the first production to adopt these guidelines.

"While the PGA is a voluntary membership organization, the PGA's Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines are sanctioned as best practices for our members," read the announcement. "The PGA is indebted to Time's Up as a resource in creating our protocols. We will continue to work with them, the industry-wide Commission led by Anita Hill, and other organizations in our community until sexual harassment is eliminated from the entertainment workplace."

Wonder Woman 2 premieres in theaters on November 1st, 2019.

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