Wonder Woman Brings Back a Big Time DC Villain

It's been decades since Wonder Woman first debuted in the pages of DC Comics, and she's amassed quite the rogues gallery in the process. While she has a handful of now-iconic foes like Cheetah and Circe, there are some newer villains who have become bonafide fan-favorites as well. The series' most recent arc has been reintroducing some of those characters into the fray -- and the cliffhanger of the most recent issue is no exception. Spoilers for the most recent episode of Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman #754, below! Only look if you want to know!

The majority of the issue revolved around a team-up between Diana and Princess Maxima, who was being targeted by assassins from her home planet of Almerac for refusing to agree to a heteronormative arranged marriage. As Maxima and Diana soon learned, Almerac was actually founded on a matriarchal society, which means that Maxima would be able to rule alongside a queen of her choosing. Maxima was eventually able to get through to her people and establish a new government, and also suggest that Diana should reevaluate her life and her relationship with Steve Trevor.

The issue ended at the Tyrrhenian Sea, where three of the Four Horsewomen were fighting off a group of Gargareans. Warmaster found her way into a tomb that was being guarded by the Gargareans, and unlocked a "weapon of mass destruction" that was resting underneath. Suddenly, Genocide awoke from the tomb, and placed her hand on Warmaster's shoulder.

wonder woman 754 genocide
(Photo: DC Comics)

Created by Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti in 2009, Genocide was brought to life by the Secret Society of Super Villains, in hopes of her killing off the Justice League of America. Genocide was crafted by a combination of macabre things - a corpse of Wonder Woman stolen from the future, various samples of soil from places where genocide occurred, magic from Felix Faust, and eventually the literal Lasso of Truth. Genocide went toe-to-toe with the JLA and Wonder Woman multiple times, before dying in the Atlantic Ocean. Her soul was ultimately used in a ritual by the Circle, as they attempted to gain her dark power.

While Genocide's Wonder Woman return was teased by writer Steve Orlando months ago, it's still interesting to see how she entered the fold. Her new character design is pretty surprising as well, with a spiked visor that looks like an even weirder version of The Batman Who Laughs.


Wonder Woman #755 is solicited for April 8th.