'Wonder Woman' Director Patty Jenkins Clears up No Mans Land Issues with Warner Bros.

Patty Jenkins has clarified her comments about the scene she had to fight to keep in Wonder [...]

Patty Jenkins has clarified her comments about the scene she had to fight to keep in Wonder Woman.

In June, Jenkins revealed that the No Man's Land scene where Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) becomes Wonder Woman when she saves a village from German soldiers had been in danger of being cut from the film. At the time, it was assumed that the pressure to cut the pivotal scene had come from Warner Bros, but in an interview with Superman director Richard Donner, Jenkins explained that was not the case. You can see the interview above, with Jenkins' comments about the scene beginning around 16:01.

"I feel badly about this because it's been reported that Warner Bros. was against it, which it was not, it was my own people in England. It was our own crew who were, at points, going, 'Why are you doing this scene? She's not even fighting anything,' Jenkins said.

"So Warmer Bros. was not unsupportive of the No Man's Land scene. It was much more in-process that everybody was like, 'What's this scene for? There's no one to fight.'"

In the scene, Diana literally walks into the line of fire at the Western Front in Belgium when the Germans down pin the Allied forces. With Diana alone deflecting the German's fire, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and the Allied forces finally act and are able to liberate the village of Veld. The scene may not have directly had anyone to fight, but it was crucial to Diana transforming into a hero thus making it vital to the movie.

"I kept saying it was only about her, it's not about anybody else," Jenkins said.

Ultimately the scene made the cut and Wonder Woman has gone on to shatter box office records. A sequel is already in the works with a release date of December 13, 2020. Jenkins, who is in talks to direct the sequel, already has ideas of where she wants to take Wonder Woman next.

Wonder Woman hits Blu-ray and DVD on September 19th.