Wonder Woman's New Status Quo at DC Revealed

Spoilers for this week's Wonder Woman! Following Infinite Frontier #0 Wonder Woman has found [...]

Spoilers for this week's Wonder Woman! Following Infinite Frontier #0 Wonder Woman has found herself in a unique position in the DCU. Having turned down a position with the Quintessence, Diana transformed in the final pages of that issue with a brand new costume and a promise to "set sail into the infinite frontier." So where did she land? Wonder Woman #770 reveals the answer for now as writer Becky Cloonan has taken over the title and put her in a surprising place, Asgard! Diana wakes up on the field of battle, clad in her brand new costume, but missing one critical thing: her memories.

Upon waking up, Diana meets Siegfried, an Asgardian warrior who reveals to her that she's in Asgard where a non-stop battle rages through the day. Though she gets her bearings quickly, Diana takes an axe to the head and seemingly dies, only to be reawakened that evening in the mead hall of Valhalla, seated alongside Siegfried and celebrating with the other norse warriors that have found themselves in the afterlife where they fight all day and drink all night as a reward.

As an aside, any time Diana dies during the fighting she sees a vision of a figure that tells her "This is all wrong...you're in the wrong place, the wrong time. I'm not sure why it happened, but you can't stay here. Your powers they....they're....." It's unclear what this figure is trying to tell Diana but the figure appears to very clearly be Deadman, someone whose involvement in getting Diana out of an afterlife where she doesn't belong makes a lot of sense. He appears throughout the issue reminding her of who she is and her history.

As the issue continues Diana begins to notice that not everything is right in Asgard, the world tree is dying and the Valkyries have started to disappear. The pages conclude with Diana teaming up with a talking squirrel to figure out what's going on.

You can read the full solicitation and see the cover art for Wonder Woman #771 below!

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Wonder Woman #771
art and cover by TRAVIS MOORE
backup story written by JORDIE BELLAIRE
backup story art by PAULINA GANUCHEAU
card stock variant cover by JOSHUA MIDDLETON
ON SALE 4/13/21
$4.99 US | 40 PAGES | FC | DC
Wonder Woman's adventures through the Sphere of the Gods continue as she embarks on a quest with the cunning Ratashok to search for answers. Something is changing the rules of the Norse afterlife, and it's up to our hero to set things right. Now she must face warriors and beasts of mythic proportions, starting with the Nidhogg! Can our Amazon Princess survive this staggering serpent?

Meanwhile, in a seemingly simpler time in our hero's life, a younger Diana continues her journey to uncover the secret behind the scriptures that hold the hidden history of Themyscira. Is she ready for the truth? Or will it change her perception of "paradise" forever?