DC Infinite Frontier Reveals Wonder Woman's New Costume and Mission

DC's much anticipated Infinite Frontier #0 is finally here, and with it some answers after Future State concluded its takeover of the DC Universe. That includes what is in store for Wonder Woman, who we knew was chosen as the best of us by the hands of the universe at the end of Dark Knights: Death Metal #7. Since then we've seen Future State show us a bevy of possible futures, but after the dust has settled it's time to get back to the current state of the world, and threads can definitely be seen between the present and the possible future. As for Wonder Woman, we see not only what was offered to her but what she ultimately chose as well as her new mission, and she even gets a new costume to go with it. Spoilers incoming for DC Infinite Frontier #0, so if you haven't read it yet you've been warned.

The issue begins with Wonder Woman in a new silver suit as she attempts to figure out where she is, and it turns out she now has a macro-level perspective of the universe. It's revealed that The Quintessence asked her here, a collection of some of the most powerful beings in the universe, who all watch what plays out as they chronicle the events of the DC Universe.

(Photo: DC Comics)

Spectre tells Diana "this multiverse is new and uncharted. You are being asked to assist these great beings to chronicle the new order of things. You earned this Wonder Woman." Diana says this might be too good to be true, and tells them of the great cost she was warned about when the hands restarted the multiverse. She says she can't leave her family and friends until she knows they are safe, and while the Quintessence doesn't sense it (total lie by the way) they offer to ease her fears and have Spectre guide her through the current state of the world and the people who live in it.

Diana sees her friends from afar as we get the new status quo for Superman, Batman, The Titans, the Amazons, Nubia, Yara Flor, Alan Scott, Jonathan Kent, Arsenal, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Star Girl, the Green Lanterns, and The Flash, and the darkness she was talking about doesn't appear.

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At this point Diana has made up her mind, so she heads back to the Quintessence. They ask if she's ready to join, and she says that her family and friends can brave the journey ahead without her and that she has faith they can take care of themselves. The Quintessence starts to congratulate her on her new post but she stops them.

"You misunderstand me. I'm sorry but I must decline your offer." When they ask what brought her to this judgment, she says "That's just it, Spectre. You're telling me that anything is possible now? But then you want me to just stay here with you? To just watch? You showed me so many brave individuals embracing the change ahead of them today, Spectre, it reminded me"

(Photo: DC Comics)

At this point, she transforms from her silver look to a new Wonder Woman costume, the one we've seen in the post-Future State previews. She's not going to sit on the sidelines in this universe, and she explains a bit more of why.

"When Steve Trevor washed up on the shores of Themyscira, I could have sent him back to the world of man alone and stayed behind where I was safe with my sisters. Instead, I traveled with him to an unknown world. Leaving behind my home and all that I knew was the scariest thing I ever did. But it was the start of a new chapter in my life, greater than I could have dreamed. And now I find myself on a different shore...and it's time I set sail into the Infinite Frontier."

Wonder Woman is determined to be a part of this new world, and as we see later, there is a threat she will need to take down, proving what the hands of the universe warned about true.

You can find the official description for Infinite Frontier #0 below.

"The next phase of the DC Universe begins here! Dark Knights: Death Metal presented the darkest threats of the Multiverse. DC Future State revealed what may lie ahead. Now it's time to look into the Infinite Frontier of the current-day DC Universe.

In Gotham City, The Joker jolts citizens awake with an attack even the Dark Knight never expected. In Brazil, a young woman discovers her destiny and her connection to the Amazons. In Belle Reve, Amanda Waller plots an invasion of Arkham Asylum. In the far reaches of space, Mongul dreams of galactic domination, while the Green Lantern Corps hosts a summit of its greatest enemies. At the Hall of Justice, the League joins forces with Black Adam. Beyond the mortal world, Wonder Woman settles into a new role in the godsphere. And somewhere in the DC Universe-it's the return of Stargirl, in an all-new tale written by Geoff Johns!

This oversized, all-star issue kicks off the next great era of storytelling and excitement as top writers and artists reveal what's next for the World's Greatest Heroes and opens the door to some of the greatest stories of 2021."


Infinite Frontier #0 is in comic stores now.

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