Young Justice: Phantoms Releases Zatanna Poster

Young Justice: Phantoms just dropped a new poster with Zatanna in the spotlight. This season of the HBO Max show has had to balance a few different plot threads. There's royal drama on Mars with Superboy, Gar, and Miss Martian. Back on Earth, Artemis and Cheshire have a strange alliance going to rescue a teammate. But, the magic users have their own arc in all of this too. Season 4 sees Doctor Fate team with Zatanna to suss out some mysteries of their own. For fans of DC Comics' more magical wing, it's going to be a treat. Everyone is excited by how strong this season has been so far. This arc will likely go a long way to helping sustain that momentum into the new year.

Brandon Vietti sat down with CinemaBlend to talk about how the series defies expectations. One of the most striking things about the HBO Max series is how time consistently moves forward. It's a definite strength for Young Justice.

"I hope people will come on board to the show and try out a superhero show that I think defies expectations. I think we've tried very hard from Day 1 to bring something new to stories of superheroes," he began. "Greg and I have had the privilege of working on a number of different superhero properties over the years, and as we came together to create Young Justice, I think we were able to bring all of our favorite elements from superhero stories, both as fans and creators, but also attack it from a new angle, to try to find new ways to tell superhero stories that will defy expectations. New elements such as the passage of real-time, the aging of characters, and the presentation of fan-favorite stories, but in slightly different ways that again, defy expectations. I hope these are all things that will sort of welcome people and hook people and hopefully keep them in their seats for the ride through four seasons."

Greg Weisman also dropped an update on how Season 4 is going through production when the season released.

"Meanwhile, the fourth season of YOUNG JUSTICE, i.e. YOUNG JUSTICE PHANTOMS, dropped its first two episodes this past Saturday on HBOMax," Weisman told fans online. "Episode 403 will drop this coming Thursday, 10/21. With another episode (through 413) dropping every Thursday through December 30th. The back half of the season (i.e. 414-426) will drop weekly in Spring, 2022. I'm truly excited for the fans to see the season – and evil creator that I am – also glad that the show isn't all dropping at once. I firmly believe television – especially a show like YJ – is a better experience if you have time to savor and sort and absorb and predict for a week in between episodes."

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