'Young Justice' Showrunners Say Fans Should Binge First Two Seasons Before Third

When Young Justice: Outsiders hits DC Universe next year, it will have been almost six years since [...]

When Young Justice: Outsiders hits DC Universe next year, it will have been almost six years since the last Young Justice episode aired on Cartoon Network. That's plenty of time for a binge watch to get back up to speed on the series and, according to the showrunners that's probably a good idea.

Speaking with ComicBook.com at San Diego Comic-Con last month, producer Greg Weisman said that fans should take the time to watch the previous two seasons even if they've seen them before as viewers will get more out of the upcoming third season if they go in up to date.

"It's a streaming service. You should definitely watch seasons one and two," Weisman said. "If you haven't seen the show at all you should definitely star with seasons one and two, binge watch those two seasons. Even if you have seen it but you haven't seen it recently, I'd recommend watching it again because you'll get a lot more out of season three. I mean, look, you can watch any episode of any of the three seasons and get something out of it, it's a good story but if you want to make the most of it, it's a tapestry that all these people in this room and a few hundred more people have worked really hard to weave and so you'll definitely benefit if you watch season one, watch season two, and then go straight into season three."

Binging the first two seasons makes sense, plot-wise, as well. The second season, known as Young Justice: Invasion, ended with the Flash family all working together to stop the Reach invasion's attempts to destroy Earth with Magnetic Field Disruptors. Wally West AKA Kid Flash was not as fast as the Flash or Impulse and ended up being zapped from existence in a heroic deed that seemed to mimic a classic moment from Crisis on Infinite Earths. In addition to that, Vandal Savage stole the massive War World space station and delivered it to Darkseid on Apokolips and its story threads like that that producer Brandon Vietti says the new season will pick back up.

"I think some of those threads have been there from the beginning really I mean Apokoliptian tech was one of the cool sci-fi toys spread all throughout two seasons," Vietti said. "There's always been that relationship there. We've been hinting all along where we're going and we're picking up all of those threads and taking them further than we have before in the third season."

Binge watching the first two seasons also may be helpful to understand the character development some of the heroes have undergone when Young Justice: Outsiders debuts. Artemis voice actress Stephanie Lemelin explained that her own life changes are, to an extent, reflected in how Artemis has changed.

"A lot's changed for me in that five year gap, I had three children," said Lemelin. "I can't talk too much about our storyline, but I was just able to draw a lot from my life and all of the maturation that takes place in one's life as time passes and the different things you go through in relationships at home and at work. They really play with all of that on the show."

Young Justice: Outsiders will debut on the DC Universe streaming platform in 2019.