Zack Snyder Releases 'Justice League' Lois Lane Cut Scene

While it's been a while since Justice League released, the myth and intrigue behind its production [...]

While it's been a while since Justice League released, the myth and intrigue behind its production lives on long after, thanks in part to director Zack Snyder, who recently revealed a new scene of Lois Lane that didn't make the final cut.

Snyder took to Vero to release a new storyboard from Justice League that features a Lois Lane scene that didn't' make it into the film. It's an extension of the beginning sequence in Justice League, which shows Amy Adams' Lois Lane still grieving over Clark's death. She wakes up in her bed and then things transition shortly thereafter to the Superman memorial, but from the new storyboard, there was a sequence in between.

The sequence starts off with her getting coffee at a cafe and then shows her walking with an umbrella in the rain towards the memorial. She gets there and encounters a police offer, who from his question has seen her many times before. It appears he says "you never miss a day do you?" She walks through and puts her hand on the memorial and stands silently as the camera pulls out further and further.

VERO: Zack Snyder shares storyboards of deleted Lois Lane scene from r/DC_Cinematic

You can definitely see where this would fit in, and that line does pack some emotional weight, further exploring Lane's grief over the death of Superman.

For those who might just think this is a storyboard, Snyder discounted that theory on Vero as well. A fan asked "did you shoot all these storyboard scends you've been posting," to which Snyder replied, "I shoot what I draw." So, it seems there is footage of that scene in the WB archives, and it is substantial, since this is just the latest in a long line of storyboards Snyder has shared.

VERO: “I shoot what I draw” from r/DC_Cinematic

Will we ever get a full Snyder cut of the film? Probably not, though one fan said: "Dear Zack, I will watch your cut through your storyboard." It looks like that might be the only way to really see Snyder's full cut of the film.

Justice League was originally helmed by Snyder, the latest in his line of DC films that included Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Snyder's version was definitely continuing the story he started in BvS, but eventually, WB brought in Joss Whedon to reshoot a significant amount of footage and rework the movie. Throw in the whole mustached Superman debacle and disappointing box office returns and you have a movie that is far more interesting in regards to how it was made than what ultimately made it onscreen.