Zack Snyder Praises Justice League SnyderCut Fans

Fans of director Zack Snyder continue to call for Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut version [...]

Fans of director Zack Snyder continue to call for Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut version of Justice League, but that's not all they've done since starting the campaign. They've also raised money and awareness for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, raising over $100,000 for the organization, and that's in addition to banners, posters, and gatherings in support of Snyder's films in general. Snyder couldn't be more appreciative of all the work his fans have done, and he recently took to social media to show some of that appreciation.

Snyder shared an article about the group that showed one of their banners and spoke about all they've done for suicide prevention. He shared with the caption "I'm honored to have such amazing fans. #afsp

You can read the full article on the AFSP official website right here.

While this all started with fans simply wanting to see the unaltered cut of Snyder's film, it's pretty cool to see how much good has also come from it.

For those who aren't familiar with the Snyder Cut, it is the version of the movie that Snyder had finished before he departed Justice League and Joss Whedon came on to finish things up and reshoot significant parts of the footage. Now, it's the finished part that seems to give people the most pause, as it is far from a completed and refined movie. That said, Snyder did actually shoot everything he wanted during his time on the project, and so while effects and other things aren't finished, there is a cut that holds Snyder's complete vision for the film.

At this point, it remains to be seen if Warner Bros. will ever release this cut of the film, but we are pretty sure they won't ever actually complete it, as that would take too much of an investment for something like this. Releasing it, even in its unfinished form, would make a lot of fans happy though, so maybe it will one day come to pass.