Zack Snyder's 'Justice League' Concept Footage Shows A Much Different Steppenwolf

The Steppenwolf in Justice League saw a bevy of changes during production, and this new concept [...]

The Steppenwolf in Justice League saw a bevy of changes during production, and this new concept footage gives fans a taste of what could have been.

Greg Ecklund shared some samples of Previs shots created for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 and Justice League, which included substantial shots of Steppenwolf's previous look. The Steppenwolf seen in the footage features a more alien look than the one that appeared in the film, and his armor sported a different look as well.

As you can see in the footage, the armor constantly moved and shifted, giving it more of a Kryptonian technology vibe. In fact, it looked much closer to the Steppenwolf that appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, or rather, the communion deleted scene that hit the web as the movie was being released.

Whether it is an improvement or not is subjective really, though he does appear much more menacing here than he did in the film. You can see it for yourself in the footage above.

Fans glimpsed Steppenwolf for the first time in that aforementioned Communion scene, a sequence that was looked at by director Zack Snyder as a great after credits sequence, though it never did air with the film.

"That scene was our way of ... I felt like, 'Oh, that'd be a cool after-credits sequence,'" Snyder said "but then I was like, 'I don't know. Can I do that?' Because Marvel does that. Is that a thing? We were like, 'Oh, maybe there's another way to do it, by just having it-.'"

Reviews were mixed when it came to Justice League's main villain, though it seems that came down more to time investment than his look or costume. The character is a Jack Kirby creation, debuting in 1972. In the comics, Steppenwolf is Darkseid's uncle, though in the cinematic universe he is indebted to Darkseid. He mentions him during the film and seems to be killed by the Parademons he commands after his failure to take Earth on his behalf.

Justice League currently holds a 60.70 on's composite rankings and will hit Blu-ray and DVD this March.