Don’t Expect A Spec Ops: The Line Sequel…Ever


Back in 2012, Yager Development worked on a different kind of military shooter with Spec Ops: The Line, a game that tapped into the emotional core of the story while at the same time letting you take on enemies. It really did pretty well when it came to connecting with gamers, even if it wasn’t quite 2K’s most successful product.

But it seems some bitterness has settled in with the product, as fan requests for a sequel have been hastily turned away. And now, we have a pretty good reason why.

A fan recently asked the game’s writer, Walt Williams, why we wouldn’t be getting any sort of a sequel. “Why won’t Spec Ops: The Line get a sequel?” And Williams didn’t hold back with his answer.

“Because it was a brutal, painful development & everyone who worked on it would eat broken glass before making another.” Ouch.

But then he got right to the point. “Also it didn’t sell.” Granted, the game wasn’t marketed that heavily by 2K, so that kind of makes sense.

So that about settles it. Despite the fact that the game took a different approach than other shooters, it just didn’t have the long-term appeal to get a sequel. That’s not to say we won’t see another Spec Ops game down the road, but it definitely won’t be The Line II.

But don’t feel bad for Williams. He currently serves as a co-writer for Star Wars: Battlefront II, so he’s obviously moved on to bigger projects that make the most of his abilities.

As for Spec Ops: The Line, guess it serves as a one-time deal. But what a one-time deal it is, especially when it comes to weighing the options of war and seeing how soldiers take their actions. With its multiple endings, it's worth exploring, just to see which way your decisions go. Plus, you can probably find it for pretty cheap these days, so it won't put too much of a burden on your wallet.

Meanwhile, if you want to check out Spec Ops: The Line, it’s available now for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.