Friday the 13th: The Game Single Player Will Have Movie-inspired Kills

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Friday the 13th: The Game had its big day on Oct. 13 and with that horror holiday came new information about the single player mode that’s coming soon.

As announced in a recent update from the developers of Friday the 13th: The Game, the single player component of the game will actually be split up into three different parts that come together to make one single player experience. One of the core parts of this is the challenges that will accompany the single player mode, challenges that were detailed by IllFonic’s Casey Holtz in a thread on the game’s subreddit.

Within his post, Holtz provided the following information regarding what players can expect from the upcoming single player content:

  • New Challenge specific VO for each counselor
  • New kills for Jason and behavior animations for counselors
  • Jason will play like he does in MP, all the abilities and kills etc...
  • You can play as any Jason for any Challenge, although a goal for one Challenge might be to do something as a specific Jason
  • The AI will go about doing things until they see Jason or a dead body etc... they will try to survive and escape by hiding, attacking etc... based on their character archetype.
  • Challenges will have homages to the films. For example, you might kill someone in a location the way you might remember from one of the films...

One of the most interesting parts about the single player feature that was revealed is that players will be able to bring some of their favorite movie scenes to life by playing as Jason and taking down Counselors while they quickly realize they're being hunted. It’s been said before that not all of the kills will come directly from the movies, but there will definitely be special nods to the fan-favorite deaths from the Friday the 13th movies.

In addition to the challenges, offline bots and the Virtual Cabin 2.0 are the other components that players can look forward to. Release dates on all of these features haven’t yet been provided, but they’re all listed on the game’s content roadmap and should be released sometime soon.