League of Legends' Snowdown Event Ends Soon

League of Legends Snowdown Header

The annual Snowdown event in League of Legends is schedule to end soon with the holiday events and loot available for just a few more days.

An update on the snowy event that was posted recently reminded players that the game’s winter event would be winding down in the coming week. Since the event began, players have been able to work towards earning special icons, emotes, and other forms of loot, but those opportunities will be gone on Dec. 8 when the Snowdown event is retired until next year.

According to the recent reminder from Riot Kantayams, here’s what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t act quickly before the event ends:

  • Snowdown skins, wards, poro icons, emotes, Snowdown Capsules, and bundles
  • Naughty and Nice missions that rewards players with Draven or Braum emotes
  • The Santa Baron 2017 Summoner Icon that can only be gifted to friends
  • Your Snowdown Shop
  • The Legends of the Poro King game mode

While all of the other parts of this year’s Snowdown will be missed once they’re gone, the biggest part that most players will want to act on is the Your Shop feature. If you’ve taken a break from League for the holidays, you’ll absolutely want to get back on and take advantage of the personalized discounts before they’re unavailable.

Another part of the Snowdown event that’s already passed was Snow Battle ARURF, the game mode that put players on a winter-themed Summoner’s Rift and equipped them with a specially curated selection of champions and skins to use. Snowballs that are usually reserved to Howling Abyss game modes were also available to put an interesting twist on the game mode, but players still cried out for the regular URF mode to return. Riot responded to questions about the game mode’s absence once again, but most players seem to have enjoyed the ARURF twist for the most part.

League’s Snowdown event ends on Jan. 8 at 11:59 pm PT, so get everything you can out of the event before it concludes.