Prey's Latest DLC Teaser Includes a Hidden Message


The teasers for the next DLC for the space horror title Prey continue and Arkane Studios definitely isn't pulling any punches when it comes to making the hunt for clues fun.

The latest teaser, seen below, comes courtesy of the official Prey Twitter account. Within the latest update hides a secret message. Immediately when looking at the Tweet itself, some of the letters are capitalized, while others remain lower case. With the most basic puzzles, that usually means the capped letters join together to make the hidden statement. Erm ... we're going to go out on a limb and say that's not the case here given that it spells out: GMRINGNOOGMOOADR.

So what else could it be? The most obvious answer to us is that it is a scrambled message meant to say "Good Morning, Morgan," which is the protagonist's name: Morgan Yu. We weren't the only ones to spot that either. It's pretty straight forward, but the reactions to the teaser were also immediate:

There were a few other interpretations of the random letters, but one thing is clear: people are stoked! The game originally came out in May of last year and it was instantly met with a positive reception.

This isn't the first teaser to drop about the upcoming DLC either. We reported earlier this month a different GIF accompanied by the quote, "Do we really know what's out there?"

Bethesda has already confirmed that the publisher will be holding another press conference this year at E3, so it seems likely that should anything be announced, more of it will be seen through the biggest conference of the year be that an official reveal, gameplay, or something else. Those who haven’t played Prey can read up on some of the game’s details below and try it out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

Sci-fi Thriller

  • Nothing is as it seems aboard Talos I. As Morgan Yu, set out to unravel the clues you've left behind for yourself, and discover the truth about your past. What role will you play in TranStar’s plans, and the mysterious threat ravaging the station?

Singular Setting

  • Orbiting the Moon, the Talos I space station symbolizes the height of private space enterprise. Explore a lavish craft designed to reflect corporate luxury of the 1960s, and navigate interconnected, non-linear pathways built to hide countless secrets.

Unimaginable Threat

  • The shadowy extraterrestrial presence infesting Talos I is a living ecology bent on annihilating its prey. It’s up to you, one of the last remaining survivors aboard the station, to end the deadly attack of these haunting predators.

Play Your Way

  • Gain alien abilities to develop a distinct combination of powers and upgrade your unique skills. Craft increasingly useful items with the blueprints, gadgets and tools on board the station to overcome dangerous obstacles in your way. Survive unprecedented threats with your wits and ability to improvise.