This 'Fallout' Pip-Boy Smartwatch Mod Turns You Into the Wasteland Wanderer

Bethesda's post-apocalyptic Fallout series is iconic to say the least. Though this genre is nothing new, the RPG mechanics blended seamlessly throughout rich narratives sets this publisher's franchise at the top of the gaming food chain. Though the series has evolved much though its progression over the years, the fanbase only continues to grow and through that loyalty comes some pretty sweet ways to bring the Wasteland into the real world. with less radiation, of course (we hope).

Can your watch do this? from r/gaming

The latest method of harnessing that inner Sole Survivor comes from a fan-made watch mod that turns the wearer's boring old face into that of a traditional style pip-boy. Also - like the in the games themselves - the wearer can also change the colour of their pip-boy interface. In-game, I always went purple, so seeing that available for as well is pretty spiffy!

Interested? You can download the app right here from the Google Play store for $0.99. According to the product's official listing:

- Pip-Boy Lone Wanderer Edition: directly from vault 101, this mk3 version is fast, doesn't drain your battery and provides a lot of informations, plus some extra features and animations.
- Pip-Boy Sole Survivor Edition: the mk4, the latest version available. It provides a unique experience and offers animation, smoothness, personalization options and more (* Geiger counter not included).

This app also includes 2 battery friendly versions of the Watchface, without touch actions, an experimental Ultimate version and an exclusive analog clock to celebrate the 10000 downloads:

- Pip-Boy Ultimate: an experimental version which embeds the mk3 and the mk4. It could be unstable and drain your battery!
- Pip-Boy 3000s mk3: inspired to Fallout 3 / New Vegas style, this watchface is open and fully customizable in colors and details! Only some core features from the main watchface are included.
- Pip-Boy 3000s mk4: inspired to Fallout 4 style, this watchface is open and you can set every color you want! It includes the "please stand by" ambient screen! Only some core features from the main watchface are included.
- Vault Boy Analog: simple yet stilish, this analog watchface is from Tranquillity Lane!


- Selectable color
- Calculator
- Weather forecast
- Compass
- Alarm
- Stopwatch
- Date and hour
- Analog clock
- Steps count
- Hearthrate (if supported)
- Device informations
- Location
- Optimized dim mode
- Bonus screen
- Customization options!
- Much more!

There is one concern about the mod and that is its effect on battery life. The creator of this app answers in-depth questions and smart fixes on how to deal with any bugs and issues that may occur on the Google Play page. Enjoy!