One Piece Digital Games Delisted For PlayStation 3, Vita Platforms

These days, we’re seeing more and more licensed games getting delisted from digital service, mainly due to the expiring of certain licenses. Just a few days ago, Activision’s Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games made a hasty departure, leaving PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners with no way to get the games now. So what’s next?

Apparently some older One Piece games from Bandai Namco’s game library. Per this report from PlayStation Lifestyle, a Reddit user by the name of Nano0110 (and part of the Vita community) has noted that a few older games featuring the One Piece name are no longer available for purchase.

Which titles are missing? Apparently, the big games here are the One Piece: Pirate Warriors games, from 1 to 3. They were all available on the PlayStation 3, with part three being available for Vita. But now? They’re long gone, with no explanation from the publisher. However, it doesn’t look like the PS4 version of Pirate Warriors 3 is affected, as it’s still available for purchase.

Another game that appears to have gone the way of the dodo for the PS3 and Vita is One Piece: Unlimited World Red. It was available for some time there, but now it appears that it’s vanished as well. Again, there’s no word from the publisher, but expired rights are to blame. There’s no word on the other available versions of World Red, namely ones for Nintendo platforms.

Could this mean that older Naruto and Dragon Ball games could possibly be removed from the PlayStation service? We know that the PlayStation 3 was pretty much replaced by the PlayStation 4 on the market some time ago, but some anime fans may be startled by the disappearance of some of their favorite games.

Fortunately, physical versions of the One Piece games look to still be available (used, anyway) at most game stores. So if you still really want them or just feel like building your game collection in general, they may be worth hunting down.


We’ll let you know if any other games get removed from the service or if Bandai Namco provides any sort of explanation over the disappearance of the games.

In the meantime, One Piece fans, don’t fret -- some of your favorites should be making a return in next year’s Jump Force. So at the very least, you have that.