'Rainbow Six Siege': First Look at Reworked Hereford Base

Though the new season is not yet upon us, that doesn't mean the team over at Ubisoft aren't hard at work on their popular Rainbow Six Siege title. In the latest bit of news from the dev team, the Hereford base is trading in its bland aesthetic for a more historic feel during its most recent rework. We have to admit, it looks really nice!

The purpose of the overhaul is to "raise the standards" of the gameplay experience while tackling all of the bugs and issues players have reported. Though the map will still feel like Hereford, this overhaul breathes fresh life into this familiar stomping ground.

"The current map as we know it was the first to be prototyped for Rainbow Six Siege, so it only makes sense for this map to be the first rework. Rarely does a Dev Team get to revamp an existing map, let alone a location as iconic as Hereford. Thanks to your continued support and feedback, the Dev Team collected a good amount of data to make the required fixes, pushing Hereford Base to the next level," Ubisoft said, regarding the latest makeover.

Ubisoft then talked about the "soul" of the map, making sure that players know that though it has be revamped, it hasn't been forgotten.

"Players can expect a new layout and the map as a whole will be bigger, meaning that each floor will have a larger surface area. Level Designers have also added new stairs to improve movement between each floor, increasing the viability of rotations. However, the new Hereford Base will still retain its 'soul,' making multiple nods to the old base. Level Artists also took this opportunity to update the map’s visual identity and color palette, giving each floor more personality," Ubisoft added.


Since the map was first unveiled, a lot has changed in the world of Rainbow Six Siege. Because of that, this rework gave the creative team and designers a chance to play around something not new to the game, but in turn making it new. It was a tough balance, but one that seems to pay off if the video at the top of the article is any indicator.

We'll be seeing the reveal first hand at the first ever Six Major in Paris from Aug. 17-19! Are you ready to see what's new in the world of Rainbow Six Siege? What do you hope to see in the next season? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us what you want from your Rainbow experience.