This Classic Arcade Game-Inspired Birthday Cake Is Making Us Hungry

Some folks go all out for their significant others. But there are some that take the passions we love and really go over the top when it comes to cake design. And the family of Twitter user Insert Many Coins just proved that.

The Twitter user posted a picture of a birthday cake to celebrate their 40th, and, as you can see, it’s a true work of love, featuring a number of arcade icons set atop a makeshift cabinet. And yes, it’s all edible. You can see the cake design below.

This is a pretty well done cake. It features the joystick and buttons on a red panel (along with the words “Happy 40th, Mark”; along with a nicely layered cake.

Up top, we have Pac-Man and a pair of ghosts on top of the cake (Inky and Clyde, it looks like), along with a number of dots on the ground, representing that they’re in the classic maze.

In the middle, we have Donkey Kong, as you can see the big ape throwing around barrels on the first stage of his classic game of the same name. It’s very well done.

Then you have the bottom layer, which looks like a recreation of the classic Atari arcade version of Tetris, the piece-stacking puzzle game. Obviously, the way that they’re stacked is...questionable, but it’s a cake, not an actual game. So we’ll definitely give it kudos.


We’re not sure which bakery made the cake, but, man, we want to get their number. We gotta wonder if they’re down to make a Battletoads cake. Hmmmm.

What kind of gaming cake do you want to see for your birthday? Let me know on Twitter at @TheDCD!