Alien: Isolation is the Latest Free Game on the Epic Games Store

One of the most popular horror games of the last generation, Alien: Isolation, is free to download [...]

One of the most popular horror games of the last generation, Alien: Isolation, is free to download on PC for today only. The game is the latest addition to the Epic Games Store's ongoing promotion where it is giving away one free title per day through the end of the year.

Going live earlier this morning, Epic Games announced that Sega's Alien: Isolation would be free on the storefront over the course of the day. Those looking to add Alien to their own library have until 11:00 AM EDT on December 22 to do so before it will be gone for good. After that point, if you want to own the game then you'll have to buy it same as you always would.

Alien: Isolation launched all the way back in 2014 and was generally very well-received on all accounts. Much like the iconic movie franchise, Isolation has players sleuthing about a space station in the shoes of Amanda Ripley. The game takes place in the first-person perspective and requires players to utilize stealth as they try to avoid the dreaded Xenomorph that is pursuing them. And while there have been some Alien games in the past that were multiplayer-focused, this one is entirely single-player.

Alien's addition to the Epic Games Store might be surprising to some, but we were actually tipped off to this news not long ago. If you weren't already aware, the entire slate of games that will apparently be released for free on the Epic Games Store over the next few days has been divulged. While it's not certain that this leaked list is entirely accurate just yet, the first five days of the promotion have ended up lining up perfectly, meaning it's a pretty good bet to be legitimate. You can find the full list here if you're interested.

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