Alinity Responds to Hot Tub Streams and Twitch's Reaction

This week, Twitch finally addressed Hot Tub Streams, a type of stream that was dominating the [...]

This week, Twitch finally addressed Hot Tub Streams, a type of stream that was dominating the platform for weeks and causing plenty of division and controversy along the way. The response is lengthy and detailed, but the cliff notes are the Amazon-owned platform has created a "Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches" category that will now home these streams, which were previously placed in the Just Chatting category. For now, it remains to be seen how this will change the landscape of hot tub streams, but Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon, one of the platform's most popular streamers, is a big fan of the response and what it means for the future of the platform.

"That is actually really good. That's actually a really good thing you guys. It's very smart of them to do that," said Alinity, speaking about Twitch's announcement this week.

Alinity continued:

"Do you guys want the opinion of a person that's been on Twitch for eight years? Because I can give you my personal opinion on it. It's gonna stop the meta. The reason why people do it is because of like browser placement. Browser placement on a channel with 25,000 viewers is not high enough for it to be worth streaming on. It's a good thing."

For those with no clue what Alinity is on about, she's more or less claiming that the new category these streams will be filed under and its placement on the Twitch home page will lead to far fewer viewers. And because there will be far fewer viewers, the stream type will be far less profitable, and thus there will be less incentive to participate in them, especially if you're a bigger streamer. And this is a reasonable prediction, though the theory assumes most viewers of these streams weren't actively seeking them out. This may have been true at first, but this is no longer the case. That said, the prospect of a dip in viewers alone will be enough to stop some from participating in the stream type.

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