Amazon Makes New Game Free for Prime Members

Amazon has made a new game free for all Amazon Prime members, courtesy of Twitch Prime. More specifically, as of today, and until August 7, all Amazon Prime members can download Vane, courtesy of Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime comes with every subscription fo Amazon Prime, but this also means the free copies of the title are limited to PC. The game is also available on the PS4, but this version has not been made free.

As for the game itself, it debuted last year via the PS4 and PC from Tokyo-based studio Friend & Foe. And while at one point the game had considerable pre-release anticipation in relation to its scope and ambition, it actually had a relatively quiet release, largely thanks to its middling critical reception. Meanwhile, over on Steam, the game has been reviewed positively by 73 percent of users across 87 reviews.

Vane takes place in a ruined desert, where a strange golden dust has transformed a free-spirited bird into a determined young child, which somehow sets off a chain of events that will reshape the world itself.

In the game, you can transform between a bird and a child. Switching between perspectives, you will unravel the land's mysteries and create a path forward through the barren landscape. And as you do this, the world will react to your passage, completely changing in the process.

"From the team at Friend & Foe Games, Vane is a stunning, emotional, and unnerving experience," reads a blurb about the game. "Developed with the conviction that players should find their own path through the world, the result is a minimalistic, stark environment that encourages exploration just to the edge of getting lost, set to an all-original brooding synth soundtrack."


As mentioned at the top, this is a limited time offer and only available via Twitch Prime. Come August 7, the game will no longer be available for free, which means you'll need to fork over $20 to play it.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think. Will you be checking this one out now that it's free?

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