Among Us Releasing on Nintendo Switch

Among Us is coming to the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo and developer InnerSloth announced today. The surprise release on the Nintendo Switch was announced as part of Nintendo's Indie World showcase, a version of the Nintendo Direct streams that focuses on indie releases. To make the exicting announcement even better, it was announced that people won't even have to wait long for Among Us to be on the Switch at all. Nintendo confirmed during the showcase and in a separate trailer that the Switch version of Among Us is releasing today.

The trailer below welcomed Among Us to the Nintendo Switch platform on Tuesday to make the Switch the first console that the game has come to. Prior to this announcement, it was only available on the PC and mobile platforms. People have long been asking about a console release, and while it seems like it'd be a smart fit on any console given how popular it's become, the party-style game is a perfect match for the Nintendo Switch.

Just as the game supports cross-play between the PC and mobile versions, it'll also support cross-play on the Nintendo Switch as well. A press release shared after the Indie World showcase confirmed that detail along with an overview of all the other releases that are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Moving quickly after the Indie World event, a product listing on the Nintendo site for its Switch games has already been set up for Among Us. It lists the game for $5 and says it can be played locally or online exactly as one would expect from Among Us by now. It does require a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play, so you'll have to make sure you have that in order before you hop into a match with others on the Switch or the other available platforms.

The site does not currently give an option to purchase the game there, though you should be able to easily find it listed in the Nintendo Switch's eShop. This will be the first console that the game has come to, so expect the requests for a PlayStation and Xbox version to be more prevalent than ever before now.


Among Us is scheduled to be available on the Nintendo Switch starting on December 15th.