Amouranth Considered Quitting Twitch Due to Harassment During Hot Tub and ASMR Streams

Kaitlyn 'Amouranth' Siragusa has been one of Twitch's more controversial streamers in recent [...]

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa has been one of Twitch's more controversial streamers in recent months. In fact, her channel was even briefly banned by Twitch just last week as a result of her racy ASMR streams, which have become the "meta" of the platform over the past few weeks. With so much attention going Amouranth's way (and much of it being negative), the streamer has now revealed that she has considered giving up entirely to avoid further harassment from those that may appear in her chat.

Talking to Polygon in an interview, Amouranth opened up about how her own streams have been exhausting for her mentally. In fact, she said that she often questions whether or not what she does is even worth the stress and verbal abuse that she will receive every now and then. "I have thought about it — like, is it worth it?" Amouranth questioned. In the end, though, she said that what she does is sure not different than many other careers. "I really do think it is because every job has its stresses. Every job has stuff that isn't peachy-keen perfect. Like if you're in retail, you have to deal with annoying Karens all day."

Speaking more to the harassment that comes her way, Amouranth said that she believes it's worth putting up with for the time being. "Do I feel like I deserve [the harassment]? No, I don't think anyone does. But I do feel it's worth it to just keep grinding while I'm young and have the energy, and then when I'm older and have saved enough money, I can actually do what I want with it, you know?" she said.

When it comes to what she wants to do with that money, Amouranth said she's incredibly passionate about animals. The attention that her streams have garnered have led to her making quite a bit of money, but she hopes to use much of that money for good in the long run. "My passion, at the end of the day, is animals, and I want to do an animal rescue using my platforms," she went on to say. "But right now, we're just saving money, milking it while it's good."

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