Amouranth Hits Back at Criticism Over Controversial ASMR Twitch Streams

Last week, Amouranth, Indiefoxx, and many other Twitch streamers were temporarily banned from the [...]

Last week, Amouranth, Indiefoxx, and many other Twitch streamers were temporarily banned from the platform over their participation in the new "ASMR meta," which, for the most part, consisted of licking and kissing a mic while sitting in suggestive positions wearing TikTok leggings. In some cases, it even included farting into the mic. Twitch hasn't formally addressed this trend, but much of the Twitch community has had something to say alongside more casual Internet users. And most of the comments have been critiquing and blasting the trend.

Just like the equally controversial Hot Tub meta before it, Amouranth has been at the center of the ASMR Meta, alongside Indiefoxx, as the most popular streamer partaking in the trend. And as you would imagine, she's received a lot of flack for this.

Taking to Twitter, Amouranth recently addressed much of this criticism, pointing out the irony she sees in the situation.

"I will always find it enormously ironic that the generation that fought 'violent video games don't cause an uptick in gun/violent crimes' (I agree), instantly turn tail and succumb to a bad take like 'hot tub/ASMR girls literally create creepers that plague other girl creators'," said Amouranth. "Like I always wondered how 'think of the children"'and other slap-a-bandaid solutions came about. Like why do people try and gloss over systemic issues by blaming causes that have no basis in reality? Zoomers and millennials are more alike with boomers than we thought! It turns out popular narratives and finger-pointing flows like water - the path of least resistance."

As noted, it remains to be seen what will come of all this, but some of the platform's biggest Twitch streamers are starting to sound the alarms on what all of this -- no matter what Twitch does -- will mean for the platform going forward, and those trying to make a living off it. In fact, just this week Pokimane warned this ongoing controversy is far from over and that it may soon cause major advertising problems.

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