The Anaheim Ducks Have a CATAN Gaming Group

A group of Anaheim Ducks players are apparently avid CATAN players. Bally's Sport rinkside reporter Aly Lozoff recently shared on Twitter about a group of Anaheim Ducks hockey players who play CATAN on the road. According to Lozoff, the players include goalies John Gibson and Anthony Stolarz, center Adam Henrique, and defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, with Ryan Strome recently joining the group after he purchased the 5-6 Player expansion pack. Transport of the actual CATAN games falls to the rookies as a form of light hazing, with Mason McTavish and Pavol Regenda currently in charge of bringing the game on road trips and making sure it gets to the veteran CATAN players. According to Lozoff, last year's rookies Trevor Zegras and Jamie Drysdale were notoriously bad at remembering CATAN, to the point that Zegras kept two copies of the game in his car.  You can find the beginning of Lozoff's excellent reporting down below:

CATAN (formerly known as Settlers of Catan) is a classic board game in which players compete for resources to build the best colony on an uninhabited island. Players earn victory points for each town and city they get on the board, along with having the longest road or by having the largest army (which they score by playing the most knight cards.) Players can also choose to make trades for resources, which has led to the saying "Give me wood for your sheep" becoming synonymous with the game. CATAN was one of the first Euro-style games to reach worldwide popularity and has spawned numerous spinoffs and expansions. As evidenced by a professional sports team having a dedicated CATAN gaming group, it has also reached a level of mainstream recognition that few other board games have matched.

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