Animal Crossing Fandom Just Got More Expensive

Being a fan of Animal Crossing just got more expensive for loads of Animal Crossing fans. When Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released in 2020, many Animal Crossing fans were forced to update their Nintendo 3DS to a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. In addition to this upgrade, many Animal Crossing fans pay an Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp subscription every month, and now they are going to be paying even more if they want the full Pocket Camp experience.

Nintendo has gone ahead and added an additional subscription tier for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. What does this mean? Well, it means if you want access to the game in its entirety, you will need to fork over $12 every month, also known as $144 every year. Previously, this figure was $11 every month. 

The $1 price increase is the result of the addition of the Merry Memories Plan, which was implemented alongside the recent 5.0 update. What does Merry Memories Plan do? Well, it unlocks further functionality of the Pocket Planner, which update 5.0 added. More specifically, it enables more customization options, such as the ability to decorate your planner with a wide range of stickers.

At just $1, Merry Memories Plan is cheap, but when combined with the Happy Helper Plan and Furniture & Fashion Plan -- which run at $3 and $8 a month, respectively -- the cost adds up quickly. At $12, the three add-ons cost $2 more each month than Xbox Game Pass, which gives subscribers unlimited access to a vast and constantly evolving library of games. So, at $12 a month, the all-access level seems pretty steep.

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