Apex Legends' First Global Major Has Been Postponed

Apex Legends players who were either gearing up to compete in or watch the first Global Series [...]

Apex Legends players who were either gearing up to compete in or watch the first Global Series Major the game has ever held will have to wait until a new date to see that event take place. Electronic Arts announced this week that it's decided to postpone the first Global Series Major which was scheduled to take place on March 13th until March 15th due to ongoing concerns regarding the coronavirus. A new date hasn't been shared for when this Global Series Major will take place, but EA assured Apex Legends players that the game's next Global Series Online Tournament will take place as scheduled seeing how it's an online event.

EA shared the latest on its plans for competitive Apex Legends events in a post on the publisher's site regarding the next few competitions. First up was the Global Series Major, the next event on the schedule which was supposed to take place in Arlington, Texas, but will no longer happen on the intended date.

"Due to the current situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact, not just on the gaming industry but the entire world, we are postponing the first Major in the Apex Legends Global Series that was scheduled for next weekend, March 13-15, in Arlington, Texas," EA said. "While we don't have a new date to share at this point in time, we'll look to provide more updates for this Major and its effect on the whole Global Series as soon as we can."

The latest development follows news from last week when EA said it'd be adjusting its plans for future competitive events. Other EA games affected by the decision include Madden NFL 20 and FIFA 20.

"With so many changes happening around the world to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we are now announcing that we're suspending all live events for EA's competitive gaming series, including the Apex Legends Global Series, EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series, FIFA Online 4 Live Events and Madden NFL 20 Championship Series," EA said. "This includes EA-operated events as well as third-party events run under license from EA. Additionally, this includes all competitive gaming content except for broadcasts that can be individually produced remotely. Online events, where participants and staff are remote and separated will continue."