Apex Legends News on Nintendo Switch Version Coming "Very Soon"

Apex Legends players who’ve been waiting to hear more about the game’s Nintendo Switch version [...]

Apex Legends players who've been waiting to hear more about the game's Nintendo Switch version won't have to wait much longer now that news has been teased. We don't yet know what that news will be, but the fact that Respawn Entertainment has even acknowledged that news is coming means that the announcement is likely something to look forward to or at least isn't bad news. The Nintendo Switch version of the game, for reference, was originally announced in June 2020.

Respawn Entertainment's Chad Grenier, the game director for Apex Legends, commented on the Nintendo Switch version over on Twitter in a response to a player who was looking to know more. The player asked if they could know anything about the Switch version's release date, how the game will play on the platform, or any related details. Grenier responded to say "Will have some news very soon!" which is as promising an indicator as Apex Legends players can hope for.

The most that Apex Legends players can hope for from the Switch news is that we get an announcement for that version's release date, though if some info shared recently is to be believed, the Switch version might be coming sooner rather than later. Trailers for Season 8 referenced the Switch version and said it would be playable alongside the release of the season, but that information was removed from the trailers not long after it was noticed. Nintendo is big on its surprise releases, though it's unknown at this time if people will be able to play Apex Legends on the Switch as early as next week when Season 8 starts.

Following the official announcement of the Switch version from the middle of 2020, Respawn said in October 2020 that the Switch version had been delayed. The Switch release was pushed out of 2020 with Grenier saying at the time that the Switch version would release some time in 2021 instead.

Regardless of when the Switch version releases, players can at least look forward to it supporting cross-platform play so that they can play with others on different consoles if they choose to do so. It'll also have "full feature parity" with other versions of Apex Legends, according to Grenier, so even if the performance differs compared to other platforms, all the features will be intact.