'Apex Legends' Update Removes Caustic's Favorite Camping Spot

Apex Legends’ Season 1 update that released last week brought about several welcome changes like [...]

Apex Legends' Season 1 update that released last week brought about several welcome changes like buffs for Legends and the release of the long-awaited battle pass, but it also seems to have removed part of the Bunker area that players had been using to pull off tricky plays. Air conditioner units were positioned above the doors to different rooms in the Bunker prior to the Season 1 update going out, and players would climb up on them to trick or trap enemies who were in pursuit. That's no longer an option now though for any Legend, but especially for Caustic who's most commonly associated with the Bunker.

Players noticed the change to the Bunker not long after the patch went out. The patch notes detailed the bigger Legends' hitbox changes and announced that the battle pass was available, but there was no mention of the change shown below that removed the units from above the doors in the Bunker. This might be welcome news to some players who didn't use the tactic and felt it was unfair, but others weren't too pleased to see the change happen without being noted in the patch notes.

RIP to the Bunker Dwellers from r/apexlegends

Any Legend could hop up on the top of the units to ambush an enemy or take a breather to recharge shields or heal themselves, but it was Caustic who could get the most entertaining use out of the trick. Apex Legends players by now know that the Bunker is Caustic's favorite place to go since his gas is so effective there, and the Legend could previously use these spots to gas enemies once they ran in the room while shutting them inside with a trap of his own. It wasn't a particular viable strategy since it depended on all the enemies getting in one room at the same time while also not noticing Caustic, and even after that, the Legend had to get out in one piece. It being unviable didn't make it any less entertaining for Caustic players and others who used the units to trick people though, but it seems like that's no longer an option.


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