Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Giving Away Another Free Pokemon Soon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will soon get a free Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have enjoyed numerous giveaways big and small since the pair of Pokemon games released back in November 2022, and soon, they'll have another to add to their collections. This time, The Pokemon Company announced plans to give away another Pokemon tied to the competitive scene. Starting on June 1st, a code will be given out during the Pokemon Japan Championships which will allow people to claim a free Talonflame meant to commemorate the same Pokemon used by competitive Pokemon player Kaito Arii during the 2023 Pokemon Japan Championships. Once the code is released, it's expected that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will only have a short time to claim the free Talonflame.

This free Pokemon Scarlet and Violet distribution was announced this week over on the Pokemon Japan site where The Pokemon Company shared the details pertaining to streaming and watching the 2024 Pokemon Japan Championships. This event will start on June 1st, but once the Talonflame code is shared there, it'll of course be plastered all over social media to make sure nobody misses out, so you shouldn't have to worry about tuning into the event itself to get the Talonflame.


The Pokemon Company also shared a helpful breakdown of what this new, free Talonflame will look like in terms of its abilities and its moveset. It'll come with Talonglfame's signature Gale Wings ability and will naturally be a Fire and Flying type with a Ghost Tera Type. At level 50, it'll know Acrobatics, Tailwind, Protect, and Quick Guard. It'll sport an Adamant nature, and for those concerned about which Pokemon are in which Pokeballs, know that it'll come to you in a Cherish Ball once you claim it.

We know that the code distribution for this Pokemon giveaway will start on June 1st during the Pokemon Japan Championships, but it's unknown now just how long players will have to actually redeem the code once it's shared. After Talonflame, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players can pretty confidently look forward to more giveaways like this one in terms of Mystery Gifts and competitive Pokemon giveaways since these have remained pretty steady since the games release. More of these will help bridge the gap between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and the new Pokemon games anyway since it's looking like Pokemon Legends: Z-A might be a bit further away than some players had hoped.