Pokemon Releases New Yogibo Bean Bags

Sit on Lechonk with these brand new bean bag chairs.

The Pokemon Company is selling three new Yogibo Bean Bags with Pokemon designs. This week, the Pokemon Center retail store opened up pre-orders for new Yogibo Bean Bags shaped like Gengar, Lechonk, and Jigglypuff. While all three bean bags are obviously round and puffy, they are also shaped like the Pokemon they are meant to resemble, with Lechonk having a snout and tail, Gengar having its distinctive spikes, and Jigglypuff having ears and limbs. Each bean bag has a removable, washable fabric cover along with a child lock on inner zipper to prevent access to filling. Perhaps most importantly, the cover can be swapped out with other Yogibo Bean Bags. 

Yogibo is a high-end bean bag and furniture maker that also occasionally teams up with major brands like Pokemon or Star Wars. Previously, Yogibo released a series of high-end bags featuring the likes of Ditto and Snorlax. Both of these bags sold out quickly at The Pokemon Center. 

The Pokemon Center is also selling a series of jumbo-sized plushes, including a new Lapras figure that stands over 2 feet tall and is over 3 feet long. A Spheal plush that's over 3 and a half feet tall is also now available. 

The Pokemon franchise is in a bit of a lull, with the next main series Pokemon game, Pokemon Legends: Z-A, not due for release until sometime in 2025. In the meantime, The Pokemon Company is gearing up for the release of a new Pokemon Trading Card Game mobile app called Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket, which will feature unique cards and a streamlined version of the popular card game. That app is expected for release sometime this summer. 

Each bean bag is due for release in October 2024 with a pre-order price of $299.99.