Apex Legends Update Will Let Lifeline Revive Two Teammates at Once

Respawn Entertainment is giving Lifeline a big buff in an upcoming patch that’ll soon allow the [...]

Respawn Entertainment is giving Lifeline a big buff in an upcoming patch that'll soon allow the support Legend to revive two teammates at once. She'll do this by using her drone buddy, D.O.C., to revive one teammate by itself using the signature shield she already has while Lifeline herself will be able to revive another teammate. We got a hint of this ability during the EA Play event that confirmed cross-play was coming to the game and found out more about the Lifeline buff from Apex Legends design director Jason McCord who responded to users' questions about the buff on Twitter.

If you missed the initial tease about the Lifeline buff, you can see it in effect around a minute into the video below. We see Lifeline approaching a downed Bangalore before tossing out D.O.C. to revive the teammate while Lifeline keeps her attention on the enemies.

That was our first hint of a Lifeline buff, but it didn't tell us exactly how this ability would work and what else might be changed in Lifeline's kit to further buff the Legend or make room for this change. We won't know the full details until we get the patch notes for the next update, but we do at least know something new about the buff now.

McCord responded to a user on Twitter who asked about the buff. The user questioned if Lifeline would be able to revive two downed teammates at the same time, and McCord confirmed that was indeed how the buff would work.

Judging from the brief gameplay clip, it looks like Lifeline will be able to revive teammates by just throwing out her drone like she normally would if she were healing her allies. If a teammate is down, it'll probably prioritize that player to get them up first while shielding them. How that'll work with the normal healing mechanic it currently has and whether the shield will remain up while healing or only during revives remains to be seen.

This buff will follow another change made not long ago that gave Lifeline the ability to find more resources in select supply bins. She's not the sole support character since you could consider Pathfinder and other Legends to be quite supportive as well, but she is the only medic-focused character and has fallen out of favor lately as other Legends received buffs.

Look for Apex Legends' Lifeline buff in an upcoming update with patch notes released alongside it to explain what's changing.