Apex Legends Update Breaks Abilities, Other Systems

Apex Legends got a new update this week from Respawn Entertainment, and while that would normally be a good thing with players getting features and fixes to look forward to alongside a set of patch notes, that didn't happen this week. There are no patch notes available at this time for that update, and to complicate things, the update itself appears to have broken several different Apex systems ranging from specific Legends' abilities to core mechanics like healing and using other consumables.

Without patch notes to go off of, players have assumed that this latest update was meant to be one to address input lag on the Xbox platform. What players got, however, was the inability to use different abilities and other systems with the game's Replicators presumably at the heart of the issue.

After the release of this update, the game's subreddit was just one place that became flooded with complaints and questions from players who said that they were no longer able to use their Legends' abilities. Sometimes it was a Valkyrie jetpack while other times it was entire kits, but regardless of which specific abilities were affected, the lack of healing capabilities is a problem highlighted repeatedly in these posts.

One common thread uniting these reports of issues was the Replicator in Apex Legends, the machines that allow people to craft items be that a Medkit, some ammo, or something else. After using Replicators, players reported that they were being locked out of using these sorts of systems like healing and abilities. Some players said that returning to the Replicators once more to use them fixed the issue while others said that a restart was required to resolve the issue which isn't much of a convenient option when you're already in a game.


Respawn Entertainment has not yet commented on this issue concerning the Replicators or whatever else might be causing the problem. A new patch will perhaps be released soon to resolve this issue, so hopefully when that happens, we'll get a set of patch notes that time to better keep up with what's changed.