Arcane Creators May Develop More Shows in the League of Legends Universe (Exclusive)

The creators of Arcane, the new animated series on Netflix that takes place in the world of League of Legends, seem to be interested in creating additional shows within this universe. While Riot Games hasn't announced any future TV series or movies associated with its longtime MOBA, those that worked on Arcane haven't tried to hide from the fact that telling more stories in this world is something that the company wants to do more of in the future. 

Speaking to prior to the release of Arcane, co-creators and executive producers Christian Linke and Alex Yee spoke with us about the series and its creation. While acknowledging that they were primarily focused on the launch of Arcane at this moment, we also inquired about whether or not Riot would like to work on more projects like this in the future. In short, the producing duo said that it's definitely something on their mind.

"I think the company has always wanted to allow players to get to spend time with their champions, not in the throws of combat, and get to understand who they are when they're off the battlefield," Yee explained. "And so many people over time have really poured a lot of love and energy into making the world and the characters feel robust and three-dimensional. So I think there is certainly the appetite to explore more of those stories. Like you said, of course, we're primarily focused on Arcane and learning what we can from that right now, but I think everyone would be really happy to be able to share more stories in many different types of media for other champions in other regions."

As mentioned, Riot hasn't announced anything about future shows, movies, or other projects that could be tied to League of Legends. In fact, Arcane itself is only deemed as an "Event Series" by Riot, meaning that it won't end up having a subsequent second season. Still, the company as a whole has shown a greater initiative in recent years to expand the League of Legends IP at a brisk pace. At this moment, multiple spin-off games, including an MMO and a fighting game associated with LoL, are in the works at the studio. To see the company add more shows or even a proper movie of some sort to the mix wouldn't necessarily be surprising. 

What do you think about Riot making more projects like Arcane in the future? And if this is a direction that the company moves in, which characters from League of Legends would you like to see on display next time around? Let me know either down in the comments or shoot me a message on social media at @MooreMan12.