An Assassin's Creed Origins Player Already Discovered the New Game Plus Reward

New Game+ is now available in Assassin’s Creed Origins to give players a deeper challenge while [...]


New Game+ is now available in Assassin's Creed Origins to give players a deeper challenge while retaining their loot collection, but one player has already plowed through the game mode to earn the end-of-game reward for completing NG+.

Reddit user and Assassin's Creed Origins player Najoray took to the Assassin's Creed subreddit to reveal that they'd already finished NG+ with the game mode not even being out for a full day yet. In doing so, the player also earned the reward that Ubisoft added for players that completed a second run through the game via NG+.

For those that want to take their time getting through NG+ and see what the reward is for themselves, we refrained from including the screenshots of the reward that Redditor Najoray provided in the Reddit post. However, if you don't mind having it spoiled – it is a pretty awesome-looking reward, after all – you can see the reward through this gallery.

It's also worth noting that the gallery above provides evidence that NG+ can be repeated infinitely. Comparing the times that are shown in the gallery, Najoray said that it took around six hours to complete NG+. When asked how the game mode was completed so quickly and if any shortcuts were taken, the player responded by saying that cutscenes were skipped, but it was still played on a higher difficulty with the game being completed on "Hard." NG+ automatically ups the difficulty level once, but players can still adjust it in-game if they find it too difficult even with all the fancy weapons from the previous playthrough.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are likely many more players who haven't even started the NG+ mode yet. To help clarify the process and how it works, Ubisoft recently provided information regarding the mode such as what'll carry over and what won't, the full article filled with the NG+ information found through the Ubisoft site.

Assassin's Creed Origins' NG+ mode is now available as of Feb. 20 alongside the Discovery Tour game mode, a series of no-combat tours through Ancient Egypt narrated by historians and specialists.