Atari Bringing Food Fight Remake to Consoles and PC

Atari has announced that Food Fight is getting a remake later this year. Food Fight will debut on [...]

Atari has announced that Food Fight is getting a remake later this year. Food Fight will debut on the Atari VCS next year, followed by releases on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The original game first appeared in arcades in 1983, and the new title will update that formula with new graphics, gameplay mechanics, and online play. The game is being developed alongside Mega Cat Studios, and is one of the "premium games" that Atari recently announced as part of the company's new focus. In a press release, Atari VCS COO Michael Arzt discussed the collaboration.

"We've promised fans new Atari content for the VCS and are delighted to unveil this fresh, modern take on a classic video game favorite — one that only Atari could lovingly and expertly curate and bring to the VCS first," said Arzt. "The feat wouldn't be possible without the passionate and dedicated team at Mega Cat Studios, and we couldn't be more thankful to bring Atari's Food Fight to the modern age where fans, both old and new, will enjoy all the messy mayhem this unique title has to offer."

Food Fight will have 30 items, weapons, and pick-ups for players to choose from. Environments will be procedurally-generated, in order to keep things feeling fresh. At this time, no footage of the game has been revealed. Mega Cat Studios CEO James Deighan said that the team wanted to take an original Atari property and offer something new for players.

"Everyone at Mega Cat is huge Atari fans, and from the moment that the VCS was announced, we knew that we wanted to create something special and new from classic Atari IP," said Deighan. "We have been working closely with the Atari team for some time now, are excited to finally announce this amazing game, and can't wait to unveil more of the zany, fun, and innovative Food Fight gameplay, characters and other details as development continues."

It remains to be seen whether Food Fight will be able to capture the fun and spirit of the original, but hopefully the game will prove to be an enjoyable new take on the arcade classic.

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